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   As another amazing year draws to a close, I thought I'd put together a post featuring some of my favorite images from 2014. I didn't get out nearly as much as I would have liked this year, mostly due to a long recovery from a work related foot injury I suffered in 2013.  That being said, I still enjoyed some wonderful hikes with friends, a few overnight backpacking trips, and two vacations covering seven national parks with my lovely wife, Bertina. But enough yapping already. You came here to see some pretty pictures, so here they are presented in the order in which they were taken. I hope you enjoy them, and have a great 2015! 



This first image is from a January hike up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. I could barely make out the clouds in the darkness, but a long exposure brought them out nicely. The hike to Dream Lake is one of my favorites, and I often do it several times a year.


Longs Peak and Moon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado




The next four images were taken on a beautiful foggy morning in Boulder's Flatiron Vista Open Space. When I was driving to the park well before sunrise, I almost turned around and went home because the fog was so thick I could barely see. I'm glad I decided to keep going.




Trees in Fog, Boulder CountyTrees in Fog, Boulder County


The following image is my take on minimalist photography. I liked the way the power lines disappeared into the thick fog.





In March I decided to hike Joe Mills Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. I made good use of my snowshoes on this trip. 






Last May Bertina and I drove out to Utah to visit Canyonlands National Park for the first time and to re-visit Arches National Park. The two following images were taken near the Squaw Flat Campground in Canyonlands.  



Needles District Sunset, Canyonlands National Park, UtahNeedles District Sunset, Canyonlands National Park, Utah


Needles District Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, UtahNeedles District Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, Utah



Sunset Over Devils Garden, Arches National Park, UtahSunset Over Devils Garden, Arches National Park, Utah


While in Arches, we made a midnight hike up to Delicate Arch. Seeing this fantastic arch bathed in moonlight was absolutely breathtaking, and we had the place to ourselves the entire time we were up there. 


Delicate Arch by Moonlight, Arches National Park, UtahDelicate Arch by Moonlight, Arches National Park, Utah



I love the moon. I also love Longs Peak. This image is from the Twin Sisters Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.





Bertina and I backpacked up to American Lakes Basin in July. State Forest State Park lies along the Northern Border of Rocky Mountain National Park. This area offers stunning scenery and is quite possibly the best place in Colorado to see moose.   





It's quite difficult convincing yourself to get out of your warm sleeping bag in the middle of the night to take pictures, but it is often very rewarding.






This is a photo from another trip up to Dream Lake. It's a bit hard to see, but if you look close on a larger version of this image, you can see Venus and Jupiter in conjunction just to the right of center.





Here is another image of the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction about a week later in Summit County, this time forming a triangle with the moon.


Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon Rise Over Dillon ReservoirVenus, Jupiter, and the Moon Rise Over Dillon Reservoir




Bertina and I spent Labor Day Weekend in and around Ridgway, and one day we decided to hike up to Ice Lake Basin near Silverton. Ice Lake has an amazing electric blue color that you must see to believe. The hike to the lake isn't incredibly long, but it does gain quite a bit of elevation. Well worth the effort, though.





In September we took a long vacation to the Pacific Northwest to visit several national parks: Olympic, Mount Rainier, Crater Lake, Redwood, and Lassen Volcanic. I loved hiking among the giant redwood trees. 


Prairie Creek RedwoodsPrairie Creek Redwoods





The day after I got back from our vacation, I hit the road once again to catch Colorado's fall colors. These next three photographs are also featured in an earlier blog post of my favorite autumn images.


Autumn Sunset Over Capitol Peak, Maroon Bells-Snowmass WildernessAutumn Sunset Over Capitol Peak, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness



Autumn Reflections on Rowdy Lake, Uncompahgre National ForestAutumn Reflections on Rowdy Lake, Uncompahgre National Forest




Dream Lake once again. I told you I liked it, didn't I?


Dream Lake Twilight, Rocky Mountain National ParkDream Lake Twilight, Rocky Mountain National Park



To cap off my 2014 photography, I made a solo overnight outing to photograph the popular fourteeners Grays and Torreys by moonlight. I had been wanting to shoot these peaks from this vantage for several years, and I'm glad that I finally made it happen. 


Grays and Torreys by MoonlightGrays and Torreys by Moonlight


Thanks for viewing! 


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2015 Colorado Scenic Calendars Now Available! 2015 Colorado Scenic Calendar


Available Now!

To Purchase, Click on the Calendar Link Below


I am happy to announce that my annual Colorado Scenic Calendar is now available for sale. This year's calendar features several of Colorado's iconic Fourteeners (mountains above 14,000 feet in elevation), as well as many other scenes from around the state.  As usual, I had a wonderful time photographing this amazing state and putting this calendar together.

For the past few years I have donated 10% of my calendar sales to a different Colorado Nonprofit Organization, and this year I will continue that tradition. To change things up, I decided to solicit suggestions from friends and facebook fans by asking who their favorite Colorado nonprofits were. I then selected this year's donation recipient by randomly drawing their name out of a hat. This year I will be donating to the Colorado House Rabbit Society, an all volunteer organization that rescues and rehabilitates homeless, abandoned house rabbits. 




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Colorado Fall Colors 2014 Colorado Fall Colors 2014

Autumn Lightning, Capitol Creek


    Autumn is an amazing time in the Rocky Mountains. I was happy to have managed to get out to see Colorado's wonderful display of fall colors in the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October. A two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest earlier in September caused me to miss the beginning of the show, but the two weekends I was able to spend photographing the changing aspens were incredible. Because my time available to shoot the fall foliage is limited, I tend to do more driving than hiking so I am able to cover more area. This year I focused on three locations: Capitol Peak in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness near Aspen, Kebler Pass near Crested Butte, the Cimarron Valley near Silver Jack Reservoir. Here are some of the images from my two trips.

Aspens Along the Road to Capitol Creek


Patches of Light and Color, Capitol Creek


Capitol Peak in Autumn


Autumn Rainbow, Capitol Creek


Autumn Sunset Over Capitol Peak, Maroon Bells-Snowmass WildernessAutumn Sunset Over Capitol Peak, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

Autumn Sunset Over Capitol Peak


Autumn Twilight on Capitol Peak


Light Painted Trees Near Redstone


West Beckwith Peak


Autumn in the Cimarron Valley


Aspens Near Silver Jack Reservoir


Autumn in the Cimarron Valley


Red-Tipped Aspens Near Silver Jack Reservoir


Autumn Reflections on Rowdy Lake, Uncompahgre National ForestAutumn Reflections on Rowdy Lake, Uncompahgre National Forest

Autumn Reflections on Rowdy Lake, Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado


Cimarron Valley in Autumn


Moon Rising Over the Cimarron Valley


Autumn Twilight in the Cimarron Valley


Cimarron Valley Formations by Moonlight


Cimarron Valley by Moonlight


Beaver Lake Reflection





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Winning the Wildlife Lottery: My Encounter with Wolverine M56  

Winning the Wildlife Lottery: My Encounter with Wolverine M56


Wolverine M56Wolverine M56

On Sunday April 22nd 2012, I had a rare encounter that I refer to as winning the wildlife lottery; I somehow found myself within fifty yards of Wolverine M56, the only known wolverine to make Colorado its home since the early 1900’s. 

Earlier in the day my wife had left on a business trip to the east coast, so I decided to head into the mountains to do some location scouting for my landscape photography. I had recently become interested in photographing Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s more popular fourteeners, from some beaver ponds I had noticed on a map while doing research on the area. My destination was set.

Later that afternoon, I drove up toward Guanella Pass from Highway 285 and easily made it to the winter road closure near Duck Lake. Colorado had a well below average snowpack in 2012, so the walk up the road from the gate to the pass was almost completely snow free, making for easy foot travel. From the summit of Guanella Pass I could see the stand of trees I needed to hike through to get to the beaver ponds, as well as the infamous Bierstadt Willows.  Those who have hiked in this part of the Mount Evans Wilderness know that the area is notorious for its tall, densely packed willows, and unless you are hiking on the well-traveled Mount Bierstadt Trail, you must negotiate this maze of willows before proceeding to your destination.  Some routes are more difficult than others, but on that particular afternoon I managed to find a relatively easy path through. I headed into the trees and spotted a snowshoe hare and quietly paused for several minutes to watch it forage for food. I figured this would be the limit to my wildlife discoveries for the day, but as we all know that was about to change.

Mount Bierstadt, Mount Evans WildernessMount Bierstadt, Mount Evans Wilderness

After reaching the upper pond, I set up my camera and took a couple photos. From there I noticed a large rock that I wanted to try incorporating into a composition with Mount Bierstadt, so I made my way below the pond. As I was setting up my camera, I heard what sounded like someone heaving large rocks into another pond below me. I couldn't see this lower pond from my position, but I knew it was unlikely to be a person causing all of this commotion; it had to be a wild animal, and a fairly decent sized one at that. Having no desire to spook an unidentified wild animal that was within such close proximity to myself, I decided to alert the animal to my presence by clearing my throat and making noise with the metal legs of my tripod. These noises did not go unnoticed.

Within moments I caught sight of an animal running up a snow covered hill about fifty yards away. Its gait looked familiar to me. I recall having seen a wolverine running in a similar manner on the Nature documentary ‘Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom’, but immediately dismissed the idea because I knew wolverines were incredibly rare in Colorado. This led me to falsely conclude that the mystery animal must be a badger. Wolverine M56Wolverine M56

Although the lenses I carry with me for shooting landscape photography are not the best option for shooting wildlife (not quite enough zoom), I like taking pictures of the animals I come across for the sake of documenting the encounter. Having a picture to reference also has the benefit of allowing me to identify an unknown animal at a later time, so I quickly grabbed my camera, made a couple quick adjustments, and took three photos of the creature. As I did this, it looked back and forth between me and the pond, apparently trying to decide whether to flee, or go back to continue its activities down by the pond. It chose the former and quickly ran out of sight.

At this point the sun was getting close to setting, and I wanted to get back through the willows and up to the pass before it got too dark. I took a few more photos, packed up my gear, and headed out. Wandering back through the willows under the fading light, I somehow managed to select the path of most resistance. I struggled through the willows and sections of waist deep snow for what seemed like hours before finally reaching the pass. From there it was an easy hike back to my car, and I enjoyed watching the crescent moon set over Squaretop Mountain as the stars slowly reintroduced themselves to the night sky. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day that I won't soon forget.    




Wolverine M56 was caught and fitted with a radio transmitter near Grand Teton National Park in 2009. That spring he was tracked traveling a distance of over 500 miles in just a couple of months. This journey led him into Colorado where he has since been tirelessly searching the mountains for a potential mate.  His current status and whereabouts are unknown. 




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